Process when creating the environment (renku-env, entrypoint)


I’m trying to use the renku-env repository to dynamically configure some environment variables depending on user configuration. I searched for information on the this in the documentation for have not found anything related to renku-env. From what I understood from the file, renku-env is just a name of repository where we can put files that will be copied to each project at creation. I tried to create a repository under the same user named renku-env with just one text file in but it does not appear when re-creating an environment. Is there documentation of this process?

The renku-env repository created is present in /tmp with the correct content but apparently this command doesn’t work as (I) expected:

# append the contents of all the files to same files in ${HOME}
find /tmp/renku-env -not -path '*.git*' -type f -print0 | xargs --null -I{} sh -c 'cat {} >> ${HOME}/$(basename "{}")' || true

Hi @jules did you resolve this? I was about to reply :slight_smile:

No but I posted it too quickly. I didn’t meant to delete it I just wanted to continue the post

that might very well be - can you look in the logs of your session (you can find it in the drop-down next to the environment status on the project’s environments page) or try to run this line yourself to see where the problem is?

Thank you for your reponses. In fact I thought it would would copy the content to the project but it copies the files to the home directory. Sorry for my confusion!

Yes, I need to document this behavior, but the idea is that the environment files from your repo are used to overwrite/amend the existing files in the environment. Did you manage to get it to work?


Yes, or at least I don’t have the issue anymore. Now the problem I have is regarding the access to these repositories. But I’ll create another post for that.

Thank you!