Docker image not found

This morning I wanted to start my project on Renku, but my docker file was not found.
" The Docker image build failed. You can use the base image to start a session, but project-specific dependencies will not be available."
I tried to start with base image, but then I get " 404 : Not Found".
Any ideas why this happened and what I can do to get my project back?


Hi @Rengervn, thanks for reaching out! From what I can tell (if I am looking at the right project) you had removed the install.R file, which is referenced during the image build. You can either add the file back or remove these lines from the Dockerfile.

The 404 from the base image happens because your project is configured to use RStudio, which is missing from the base image.

Hope that helps!

This certainly helped!
Have a great day.