renku on premise

Hello everyone,

on the, i created a project and started a jupiter session by customizing CPU, memory resources, and i could also see the project which deployed automatically on the

I then installed the renku environment on premise (renku CLI) and created a project and initialized it (renku init). Is it possible to make an automatic connection between my renku project deployed on premise and my own gitlab and not on

Is it also possible to launch an on-premise session and define resources as on the renkulab?

is it possible to have the renkulab interface on premise?

Hi @franckyfrancky can you explain a bit what you mean by my own gitlab?

This is a fully separate gitlab deployment like for example Or are you simply referring to the git repository you have sitting locally on your computer?

Thank you @franckyfrancky for your questions! I am not sure I fully understand your points. It would be great if you could further clarify, so that we can answer to them accordingly. Do you refer on deploying your own Renku instance as explained here?