Renku instance in a cluster

yes, that was the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

for the other problem with keycloack and postgres i didn’t add any particular config because i thought the config in the generated renku-values.yaml file had default config to make it work.

Hi @aledegano

i’ve been able to access my local renkulab instance and i’m able to create projects and start sessions. but for sessions i have to start with base image, because of this error i get when starting a session as shown in the screenshot.

what is it exactly, how to avoid this error message linked to the docker image.

You will need to add a Gitlab runner so that it can build the Docker image.
There is some documentation here about the process: GitLab-runner configuration — Renku documentation

We are also trying to understand why the above page is not (AFAICT) linked anywhere else in the docs…

You can also pin a specific Docker image to start the session and that won’t require a Gitlab runner where to build a new image: Templates in Renku — Renku documentation

thank you I will try it.
I have two other final questions :slight_smile:

still in the creation of a Session class for the allocation of resources I have three choices defined by default (default, medium, small) with assigned values. in the values on the github doc I saw that it was possible to define (customize) the value intervals and default values of disk, cpu, mem, gpu, but how to customize the value pairs (disk, cpu , mem, gpu) for the default, medium, small choices and also how to add other choices if necessary.

the other concern, when I authenticate (email & password) I am redirected to the gitlab that I added in the values. what is the need for this redirection is to know on which gitlab repository to synchronize my created projects or it is like a reinforcement of the authentication, like a double factor authentication.

Is it possible to authenticate directly with Gitlab without using a login and password (as you would do with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

When you log in Renkulab you are also logged in Gitlab as you say, this is necessary for Renkulab to display your projects and access them.

It is possible to setup other Identity Providers (IdP) in Keycloak (the service that manages Renkulab’s authentication) such as Github, Google etc. Keycloak supports a wide variety of IdP that you can verify on that documentation.

Once you login in Renkulab even through those IdP, you will also be logged in Gitlab.

OK, thanks for the clarification.

Hello, my renku On-premise instance works fine, I can launch sessions with the python and minimal Renku templates, but when I launch a session on a project that was created with the R template, I get this display

Hi @franckyfrancky - two things to check:

  1. make sure that the session is actually using the R-based image
  2. check the logs of the session - are there any issues with starting the R server?

Hope that helps!

Thanks, I added R-image and that solves the problem.

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