Integration with moodle

I am wondering if Renku could be easily made accessible from moodle. In the idea of avoinding for students to interact with multiple systems, is it possible to “hide” Renku behind moodle or make access to Renku from moodle streamlined?

Hi @ElianeMaalouf, thanks for your question.

Let me know if I understand your question correctly:

After teachers publish a Renku project link in Moodle, students will:

  1. login to Moodle
  2. click the link
  3. login to Renku
  4. work on Renku

and you’d like to avoid step 3 completely so that students do not need to login twice.

Technically, it’s probably doable (and we’ve been looking into it recently), however, it might not be straightforward.

In your case at the University of Fribourg, Renku@UniFR and Moodle@UniFR both use SWITCHedu-ID as the login, so for students and lectures it’s quite convenient - step1 and step 3 take little time to complete.

And, from my point of view, Moodle and Renku are two complementary systems in teaching activities:

  • Moodle is a course management system where teachers share slides, schedule, announcements to students
  • Renku is a in-browser collaborative platform with sharable computational sessions instead of using student’s laptop (you can do some course management work directly with Renku’s GitLab, but not as interactive as Moodle)

Hope it helps.


@tao.sun thanks a lot for your answer, it does help clarify a few points.
Indeed, I mainly want to avoid logging in twice, but I am interested if a solution is feasible in the future.
thanks again

Thank you @ElianeMaalouf for raising this question and @tao.sun for getting back. A small note though regarding logging into Renku@UniFR and Moodle@UniFR. As of now, only UniFR students/teachers have a SWITCHedu-ID based login. HES-SO based students/teachers also have the possibility to acquire an edu-ID for themselves. But in this case, we are required to restrict the Renku@UniFR service to only the HES-SO//Fribourg. We have thus opted for a manual login until we find a more elegant solution.

@champost thanks for the clarification. Indeed, in my case it would concern students and teachers from HES-SO//Fribourg. So if I understant correctly, if I want to use Renku in one of my courses, I should send you the names and emails of the students and instructors so you could create new logins for them?

@ElianeMaalouf I think we are going off topic (" Integration with moodle") here. I shall reply to you directly via email.