Fallback image does not include packages in requirements.txt

I have forked a student’s homework and tried to re-trace her steps, but there is an error when creating the interactive environment:

The fallback image does not include any of the packages listed in requirements.txt, so it is utterly useless. Does anyone have any advice what might have gone wrong and how to solve such issues? Thanks already!

hi @schymans - how did you fork this project? If you fork it in gitlab, the CI pipeline does not run automatically, you would have to trigger it. That might be the reason why an image wasn’t built?

Note, however, that to inspect someone else’s public project, you don’t need to fork it or even be added as a member - you can just launch an environment directly from the project’s page. For example:

I forked it through renkulab, as I wanted to quickly fork and create an environment to try it out. But thanks for the tip about launching an environment directly from the project’s page, this is great. I’ll try that.