CORS configuration for API

I am building a third party web app using the renku API and I am struggling setting up CORS.

I am trying to set up the GATEWAY_AllOW_ORIGIN variable on the conf files in kubernetes, but it doesn’t seem to be taken into consideration.

Do you have any advice on setting up CORS for renku ?

Hi Erwan,
to be honest, this functionality is not used on standard Renku setups and not tested either. It’s thus not unlikely that it’s actually broken.
What type of client application are we talking about? Is this a client-server app where the call to the renku API could be triggered on the server side - which is actually what we’re doing within renku itself too - or is it a browser-only client application where the API request will always originate from the browser?

It is indeed a client only application. We chose this architecture to keep it lightweight and easily deployable.

Any chance this would be fixed soon ? The feature could be very beneficial for third party apps

ok, makes sense, in this case you indeed can’t do much unless the server includes the right headers in the response. would you mind opening an issue here so we can quickly agree on an expected behaviour? I hope that it will be a rather quick fix.

Thank you, I am opening an issue right away